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Public-Private Alliance for the Benefit of Local Tourism

The Rosario Tourism Office (ETUR) is an organization which combines public and private action for the purpose of coordinating and improving services for tourists and of ensuring that the city's attractions are known throughout the country and abroad.

ETUR has played a key role in supporting the significant growth of tourism in Rosario during these last years by carrying out a wide range of tasks that have enabled the consolidation of tourism: listing and updating tourist options and services, devising and developing marketing and communications tools, carrying out maintenance operations on tourist information stands and, in general, coordinating tasks and strategies with the different actors involved in local tourism.
In the face of a constantly-evolving world, the aim of ETUR is to help position Rosario as a tourist-friendly city and a major site for Argentine business tourism.

Rosario Tourism Office

Address: Buenos Aires & Avenida Belgrano
(2000) Rosario, Argentina

Tel: +54 341 4802230 / 31


Head of Office: Héctor De Benedictis

Operations Manager: Analía Hernández