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The building that houses the Southern Municipal District Center constitutes thefirst Latin American project of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza.  


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A City Bursting with Green Spaces

Perfect for a bicycle ride or a walk, Rosario’s parks are positively a must for any visitor. Apart from the best-known parks, such as the “Parque de la Independencia” (Independence Park), there are many riverside walks also worth your while.

By the Paraná River, you will find the “Parque Urquiza” (Urquiza Park), “Parque Nacional a la Bandera” (National Flag Park), “Parque de España” (Spanish Park), “Parque de las Colectividades” (Nationalities´ Park) and the “Parque Sunchales” (Sunchales Park) in what amounts to an 8 km-walk (5 miles) sprinkled with bars, restaurants, museums, cultural centers and entertainment facilities for children. With an inspiring view of the river, green grass and a variety of trees, relaxing should be no problem.
The “Parque de la Independencia” (Independence Park) is a green space of remarkable size at the heart of the city. It has an artificial lake with Dancing Waters. To the North, there is the “Parque Scalabrini Ortiz” (Scalabrini Ortiz Park) and, farther away, the “Parque Alem” (Alem Park) by the Paraná River. To the South, you will run into the “Parque Yrigoyen” (Yrigoyen Park), home to the “Che” Guevara Memorial.
In turn, the tree-lined paths of the “Bosque de los Constituyentes” (“De los Constituyentes” Park) are ideal for walking, cycling and bird-watching.

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