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El Círculo Theater

It is the most important Theater in the city and one of the most prominent ones in the country. It was built in 1904, in the Italian Neoclassical style. The acoustic conditions of its main concert hall are said to be among the finest in the world.

The building and its acoustic aspect were designed by the German engineer George Goldammer, who was inspired by the technological advances introduced in Milan’s “Scala” Theater, London´s Covent Garden and Madrid’s “Teatro Real” (Royal Theater). With elegant and symmetrical interiors, the main hall, which seats 1500, has a semicircle design, characteristic of this great Italian-style Theater.
Imported materials were used for the interior decoration, done by the best-known craftsmen of the time. Artists of the stature of Salvador Zaino, Luis Levoni, Domingo Fontana and Giuseppe Carmignani, who reproduced Giovanni Borghesi´s “The Triumph of Pallas Athena” on the hall’s curtain, left their imprint on the marble from Carrara, the French chandeliers and the Italian majolica floor.
The Theater was inaugurated on 4 June 1904 with a performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Othello” that became an artistic and social milestone for the city. Since then, the best companies in the world have graced its stage, where, at times, a different opera was performed each day.
At present, it still specializes in offering various kinds of music performances, but it has also turned into a space open to other artistic and cultural activities.

Its Own Museum
The catacombs of “El Círculo” house the Museum of Religious Art, which contains pieces by the renowned artist Eduardo Barnes.

Contact Info
Address: Laprida 1235.
Tel: +54 (341) 448 3784/ 424 5349.
E-mail: info@teatro-elcirculo.com.ar.
For information on guided tours, please contact the Theater.


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