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The catacombs of “El Círculo” Theater house the Museum of Religious Art, containing pieces by renown, Rosario-born painter/sculptor Eduardo Barnes.


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street markets & craftwork

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Walks Celebrating Craftwork

Handicraft stands have become a meeting point for thousands of tourists and locals. Weaved into the city’s fabric are a multitude of places offering antiques, folk art, clothing and organic produce.

A range of paintings, textiles and handicrafts in wood, leather, stone, ceramics and other materials testify to the creativity of the local artisans. Also worth mentioning are a number of street markets selling second-hand clothes and food made with produce from organic and community farms.
Around the markets and fairs, you will also encounter street art performances—more and more each day—for children and grownups, as well as a variety of bars and restaurants that are perfect to sit down and rest.

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