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About RSS

RSS is a format for publishing news, which can be accessed via newsreader software without opening your web browser. It is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language) language that is used for content distribution network. The user can create or dispose of RSS channels including, for example, news links, headlines and summaries. By notifying the user receives the information as it is the content of sites, and thus make better use of the Internet connection time, to visit only those pages that have been updated. Can also be accessed through a browser to numerous websites that provide news published through RSS. Usage

To access this service through programs known as news readers, who organize, update and display the contents of the channels. To add channels, you must enter the URL of the desired channel in reading programs. You can create groups of channels, uniting all sections of the newspaper under the same group. You can also add channels from search engines like The sindicón, Syndic8, BlogStreet and NewsIsFree

Content available

ROSARIO.TUR.AR RSS is a free service constantly updated. Provides access to a brief description, with a corresponding link in the notes to the online site sports, plus news updates throughout the day.